"Maggie Sue"
1994 - 2006
Z Bar Z
Levis Jewel'z
Harvest Happenings 9-21-03
Reserve Sr. Champion Doe

Baker County Fair 8-5-04
Grand Champion Doe

Halfway Baker County Fair 9-4-04
Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Doe
2001 - 2006
Little Roulettes
NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats
Woke up from Nap
Deceased 2009
PGCH Dream Chaser
2006 -2011
I so miss our play time, during feed
time. He loved the hide and seek game,
if you didn't get there fast enough with
his feed, he would come back around
the corner looking for you and leading
the way. He was one of a kind.
Stonebrook Knee Highs
2002 - 2011
Mr Sense of Humor, more then missed.  He loved
his back scratches, rain, snow or shine and well
informed you of which feed pan was his!

1 X Grand Champion Buck 2004
For those that meet LeRoy Brown, knew
he lived up to his name. He was a wild
man! Bless him in heaven, as we are sure
he is having a snorting good time, chasing
all of those girlies!
Bubba and Mick! OH MY, how much fun it was then.
God bless Bubba, he loved the babies in the kitchen
and would play hide and seek, especially with Mick.
Bubba also lived more like 29 lives. We doctored that
cat more then anything else on this place. Am sure is
looking down on us! Bless his sole! We miss you Bub!
Deceased May 2013
Little O'Farm Diablo! He was our king of
many of our Does. God love him for him.
He helped raise several of the younger
bucklings and was always pleasant with
them. Never hurt any of them. We so miss
miss him and his love. Many thanks to
Ostrom's for selling him to us!
Deceased October 2012
RNJ's Kids Glacer Peake
He was an absolute great asset to our
herd. Many thanks to Julie Davis and
Melissa Carden, for allowing us to have
him. Very gentle giant, he was and gave
us many blessings with beautiful Doelings.
He is so missed in many ways!
Deceased October 2014

3 X Grand Champion Buck